Corporate Hindi Training courses for Workplace Hindi

RisHindi provides best in class corporate Hindi learning programs for top corporates in India. With our highly flexible and catered module based training programs we deliver highly customised training programs to prestigious companies across India.

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Why Choose Us?

Learn Hindi with Us

Our trainer led live conversation based courses are just the training your diverse and remote workforce needs to be more productive. A classroom based environment enables us to understand the needs of every student and help them learn at their level.

Trainer led, classroom based

RisHindi’s Hindi training courses are designed to be delivered by the trainer at the premises of your office or at a mutually agreeable location. We employ live teaching with the best in training and technologies to bring you live conversation classes to cater to all Hindi learning needs of your teams.

Fully Customizable

Want your sales force to speak good Hindi? Want your support staff to handle queries in Hindi? Want your marketing teams, HR teams to communicate fluently in Hindi? We have just the solution for you with full customisability.

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RisHindi provides the most effective corporate Hindi speaking training programs for your sales, customer support, client interfacing staff that makes them speak good Hindi and hence deliver much better in their jobs.

Corporate training programs in Hindi communication


RisHindi has been trusted by the best corporates of India to train their employees in fluent Hindi communication. We train staff for some of the most respected companies in India and work with them to assess, train and motivate employees. Best suited for busy employees, the programs are customised as per your needs and merge seamlessly into the busy schedule.


Managing Your Hindi Training Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

With over fifteen years of expertise in implementing Corporate Hindi training programs for over 50 corporates proves our ability as well us gives us deeper insights into corporate Hindi training objectives, challenges and success drivers. Our managers and trainers understand what makes a corporate Hindi training program truly successful and we take immense pride in helping our clients achieve astounding success with their workplace Hindi training courses.


"RisHindi’s Hindi training program enabled my sales team to quickly learn Hindi and speak fluently. After having tried several institutes I am happy to say we chose the best in India. The Hindi training is stupendous and has allowed us to expand to more markets."


– Sudha Chandrashekar, Senior Manager HR. Top FMCG in India.


Why RisHindi Corporate Hindi Courses are the best bet?

RisHindi Corporate Hindi speaking courses are your best bet for achieving your training goals and do it in a highly professional manner keeping track of the participation and progress of each individual trainee.

  • Trusted by some of the top notch names – Asian Paints, TVS Motors, Ramachandra Hospitals, Titan, Chola MS General Insurance, SRM University, Cavinkare, Leocafe, Adani Ports, Murugappa Group etc.
  • Rich and deep experience of providing excellent outcomes for corporate Hindi training programs.
  • Training customisation

How RisHindi training for corporates works

RisHindi offers an integrated, practice driven blended solution for all your Hindi training needs. A typical corporate training program works like this:

  1. Training goals are finalized in consultation with the HR and Training Managers
  2. Student names and their roles in the company are ascertained to prepare a module
  3. The communication exercises to be done are then designed based on their needs and objectives.
  4. Sessions are scheduled based on the mutual agreement of the company and the trainer from RisHindi.
  5. Cases of students skipping classes are intimated to HR.
  6. Materials for further learning are shared with the learners and the HR.
  7. Customer Support is accessible at a phone call ever ready to tackle any issues that might be arising.
  8. The entire process is geared to underline our unwavering commitment to students’ improvement.


How to get started with Hindi course for your team?

Get in touch with us at 9282-144-148 to discuss your requirements. Our Corporate Accounts team will work with you to understand your requirements, identify training needs/candidates, finalise the interventions and then, execute the program.