Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. When do the classes start?

Beginning of every month a detailed batch commencement schedule is displayed in the website, you can also know the latest dates by calling @9282-144-148. Students desirous of joining can choose the batch that suits their timings. Normally batch timings are planned keeping in mind the learners convenience.


2. When can I enroll?

Fresh batches start every month. You can select your batch and enroll.


3. How to enroll?

Call 9282-144-148 and register yourself for the latest batch, you can pay when you come for the first class , else if you are interested in joining online, just call  9282-144-148.


4. How do I learn online?

You will need to follow these three steps to start learning Hindi online with us.

1. Install Skype on your computer (Click here to download Skype)

2. Add us (Username: rishindi).

You are now ready to learn Hindi with us online. Just log on during the class hours and start learning Hindi online!


5. What is the minimum or maximum age of the learners?

Anybody from 13 to 70 can join, all you need is a will to learn and a young mind!


6. Can I pay the fees in installments?

No, as our classes are designed as a one month course, there is no scope for paying in installments.


7. What is the minimum duration of the class?

Each class is around 60 to 90 minutes, no matter if it is weekday, weekend or online class. Weekday class is thrice a week (one month), weekend is once a week on Sundays ( three months ) and online class works in the same manner depending on it being weekday or weekend class.


8. Will there be homework/ tests/ assignments?

We encourage you to speak Hindi with as many people as possible, watch Hindi program/ movies and practice and practice, that is your homework.


9. I learnt Hindi when I was in School, but I have no fluency, should I join?

We think you should, you can definitely brush up your grammar here and also gain fluency.


10. I am a foreigner. I want to come to India to be able to speak Hindi. What do you suggest? 

You have to make arrangement for your stay in India. Similarly you have to complete all the necessary official formalities by contacting the Indian embassy for this purpose. You may inform us in advance about the date of your arrival and the duration of your stay. We will arrange a training program for you.


11. When I get doubts in Hindi, can I write to you? 

Any learner of RisHindi is welcome to clarify his or her doubts.


12. Do you have exclusive courses for writing skills? 

No, not yet.


13. My friends and I are interested in attending a course in Hindi. As all of us belong to a particular professional group; can we have an exclusive program? 

Sure, you can. If you have common interest and pursuit, and you are a group of 10 to 20, we can offer a customised programme at a place and at hours convenient to you.


14. Do you award any diploma or certificate after the completion of the course?

The fact that you are able to speak after you finish our course is the biggest certificate of proof for a competent authority.


15. Can I pay by DD / cheque or Internet Banking?

You can pay by cash, DD, cheque or Internet Banking from your Net Banking Account to our Axis account or dropping a cheque into our Axis bank account and start learning online. However, any mode of payment in full at local banks or personally should be cleared before the commencement day of the class. 

1. Cheque/ Cash Deposit:

You can deposit cheques or cash into any Axis ATM dropbox/branch near you. The cheque should be in favour of Rita Roy and you should mention our account number behind the cheque.

2. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT): 

If your bank offers online banking, you can transfer funds to our Axis Bank account online.


Bank Name: Axis Bank
Branch: Asansol
Account Name: Rita Roy
Account Number: 922020031076301
Account Type: Current
IFSC Code: UTIB0000150


16. Can I change my class hours?

Yes. (Only on genuine reason and at the discretion of the centre head with a proper procedure, subject to vacancy)


17. What kind of coaching is given in the class?

Classes are handled by experienced and well trained faculty members, the training is functional and need specific. Sessions are highly interactive and student participation is highly encouraged. The trainers are accessible, friendly and result-oriented.


18. I do not know Hindi at all can I join?

Even better for us, the lesser you know the better you will learn!


19. But I don't even know the Hindi alphabets, how will I learn?

We use a special Phonetic technique, think about this for a while, when a child is born, does he or she know how to speak his or her mother tongue, No right? but still they pick it up because of their loved ones constantly speaking around them despite not learning any alphabets, so think of yourself as the child and us as your loved ones. In short, no you don't need to learn the alphabets.


20. I joined a Hindi Center previously, and they made me write and write in the end I still wasn't able to speak Hindi!

We stick to our motto of No Writing, No Reading, however it is advised that you carry a note, to jot down important points, but not to worry we will not give you any impositions!


21. Another Institute has promised to teach me in less than 15 days, why will you take one month?

We have been teaching Hindi for the better part of 13  years, trust us, if anybody could pick up the language in two weeks, then he / she deserves your money. On the other hand there are students who ask us if one month is too less? well all we can say is our courses are designed in such a way that you will not leave without the ability to speak Hindi.


22. Another Institute charges much lesser than you, why should I pay you more?

Think about it this way, you can buy a Sari for Rs. 200 and you can also buy a Sari for Rs. 2000, the difference is in the quality.


23. I had to go on a sick leave or for an emergency. I may not be able to attend the class. How can I complete the training?

Normally, such students make arrangements beforehand and enroll in the program. You can attend a different batch to make up for your classes lost, again at the discretion of the center only.


24. What is the strength of a batch?

The class strength is restricted to 10. If the admission is large, the program is split into two or more batches.


25. What is the qualification and experience of the faculty members?

The trainers are well qualified and highly professional in their approach.


26. Can I speak Hindi fluently once I complete the program?

If you are an active participant in the training program and do what is required of you, there is no reason that you will not be speaking fluently. However, as learning is an endless process, you can continue to keep in touch with RisHindi and hope to become a master if you set your mind to do it.



27. Can I speak like a cricket commentator after I complete the program?

Where there is a will there is a way. It all depends on how you participate in the class. The trainers are ready to make you speak like a cricket commentator.


28. If I am unable to attend your direct training program, what alternative do I have?

You can opt for our Online Hindi Class.


30. Will I be permitted to change my classes if I am not comfortable with the faculty member?

This situation will not arise because all our faculty members are well trained in the RisHindi methodology.


31. Will I be given any materials?

Yes, materials will be given for FREE, For online learners the materials will be sent to you by email.


32. Will the classroom teaching be in the vernacular language or only in English?

The trainer will use English as the primary language but also use Tamil for explaining certain concepts but the conversation and classes will primarily be only in English.


33. We are a corporate, can we hire you for training our employees?

Yes, we have a specialized corporate program, we have already trained over 30 corporate bigwigs, just drop us a call at 9282-144-148 and we can iron out the details. Please refer to our Corporate Page for more details